The company is a commercial organization, the main purpose of which is to profit from financial and economic activities.

 The society carries out the following types of activities and services to achieve its main goal:

 · Lease of non-residential premises;

 · Production and sale of daily necessities;

 · Construction, design and repair works;

 · Production and sale of construction products;

 · Production and sale of consumer goods;

 · Production and sale of packaging materials from polyethylene products;

 · Brokerage, trade intermediation, trade and procurement activities;

 · Wholesale and retail trade activities;

 · Organization of shopping centers, trading houses and trade fairs;

 · Wholesale and retail trade in petroleum and fuel and lubricants;

 · Wholesale and retail trade in alcohol, wine and wine;

 · Carrying out commercial, dealer, leasing and marketing activities;

 · Wholesale and retail trade in new and used cars, self-propelled vehicles and spare parts;

 · Production, processing and sale of food products;

 · Establishment and maintenance of public catering;

 · Production and sale of various types of plastic products;

 · Production and sale of plastic pipes, hoses and polymer products;

 · Production, sale and lamination of plastic floors, plastic products;

 · Processing and sale of agricultural products;

 · Industrial processing, drying, packaging of agricultural products;

 · Carrying out wholesale and retail trade in spare parts for agricultural machinery;

 · Production, manufacturing, processing and sale of cotton, tobacco, wool and leather products;

 · Establishment of pharmacies, production of drugs, pharmaceuticals and pharmacological drugs and wholesale and retail trade with them;

 · Maintenance of various vehicles and self-propelled mechanics;

 · Carrying out wholesale and retail activities with computers and complex electronic equipment, their repair and maintenance;

 · Participation in securities markets, intermediation, issuance, purchase and sale of securities;

 · Establishment of hotels, reception and service of guests;

 · Training and service of personnel for the needs of the enterprise in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;

 · Carrying out of tourist activity, the organization of tourist trips in the Republic, abroad, rendering of practical help in registration of documents of travelers, their sending, reception and rendering of services;

 · Establishment of consumer service centers and provision of consumer services

 · Purchase and sale of cars and trucks, organization of their market;

 · Construction, design, sale of multi-storey houses, cottages, detached houses;

 · Establishment of medical service centers, provision of services to the population;

 · Implementation of various services.

 · Carry out other activities specified in the legislation in the prescribed manner.